DawnBridge Hub

DawnBridge Hub welcomes you to share experiences and support one another to create a unique and open dialogue space on hospice care.

In the journey of life, loss of your beloved ones (eg family members, friends or pets) is painful but inevitable.  Some have lost them; others are facing them dying.


Appreciate and Respect the dying patient’s choice.

We hope that your stories, thoughts and support can help those in need and ease them from making difficult choices across the stages of “hold tight”, “let go” and “embrace”.

A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved.  Love shared is love doubled!

What we do?
  • We provide an open space for everyone to talk about hospice care, death, grief, loss, love and life.
  • We care patients (both humans and paws) with terminal illness and their family
  • We listen & initiate dialogue to make a difference for the patients and their family
  • We learn from each other and share what we learn on Hospice Care
  • We share your loss and we celebrate the life moments of your loved ones
  • We wish to increase acceptance of hospice care through our community through our experience and stories
  • We are developing Hospice Therapy Dog visit